Christopher Stock

Senior Developer

About Me

Welcome to my personal homepage.

I'm a Senior Developer with a penchant for web, application and mobile development. Iā€™m living and working in Würzburg as a senior developer for the software service provider Mayflower.

I love to spend my time travelling to distant countries, meeting nice people and writing code.

Have a great time exploring the contents of my homepage and be welcome to contact me!



Web Development

I love to design and to program dynamic web pages since 2003, starting with PHP, HTML, JavaScript and MySQL.

PHP and Typo3 serve as foundations for most of our projects at web service provider agency Mayflower, working with the agile software development framework Scrum.

I love exploring modern web technologies like WebGL, new JavaScript libraries like BabylonJS and new languages like TypeScript.

Mobile Development

I spent eight years on developing mobile games for the mobile game publisher HandyGames and mobile applications for the mobile content publisher Synapsy.

Primary developement platforms I'm using are Android, iOS and Windows Phone. I also experienced many discarded platforms like J2ME, DoJa and Symbian.

Application Development

I used to develop multithreaded Web Crawlers, Database applications and Desktop Business Tools for the company Business Data Solutions.

I also wrote hobby projects like my 3D shooter project in OpenGL. I also wrote software for PC or MAC.

My primary competences in desktop application Development are Java, C#, c++ and Cocoa.

Graphic- and Print-Design

I'm a Photoshop and 3D Studio Max enthusiast and I love exploring new designs in 2D and 3D space using the Adobe Creative Suite.

I love to draw fresh and stunning Web- and Print-Designs.


Find some recreational projects here and find more inside my GitHub profile.
Swift Apple SpriteKit
Swift Apple SpriteKit

Swift Apple SpriteKit

A physical 2D Jump 'n Run Engine developed in Swift using the Apple SpriteKit Library.

TypeScript App
libgdx Strategy

TypeScript Jump 'n' Run

A Jump 'n' Run for HTML5 written in pure TypeScript using Node.js.

Flash Website
Flash Website

Flash Website

An Adobe Flash website being developed with ActionScript 2.0 and updated to ActionScript 3.0.

Cross Platform App
libgdx Jump 'n Run

libgdx Jump 'n' Run

A Jump 'n' Run Engine written in Java using the libgdx Cross Platform Development library.


My favorite development and design tools -- I simply ā¤ļø them:
JetBrains IntelliJ
THE IDE for web, desktop and mobile development.
Adobe Photoshop
The professional standard tool for image editing.
Autodesk 3D Studio Max
The professional standard tool for 3D modeling.